City University of Paris 

an authorized & accredited training organization for business professionals
international experience for personal excellence
for professionals, by professionals
for workplace learning & development

An authorized training organization

Pursuant to Code: Article L. 6352-12 of the French Labor Code
Declaration Number: 11756707075

Our mission is 

To advocate learning with global experience, and accomplish the possibilities, for a holistic impact through professional excellence. 
University friends from diverse cultures and races - City University of Paris
City University of Paris (CUP) becomes a member of UPCEA
01 Jun, 2023
City University of Paris (CUP) announced that it was approved of its affiliation with the University Professional and Continuing Education […]
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City University of Paris (CUP) joins CMI, UK
01 Jun, 2023
This student- focused affiliation delivers CUP’s students with leadership and management content through CMI. City University of Paris (CUP) announces […]
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